Zone Dome: Get Off the Beaten Track


If you’re one of the UK’s 5 million recreational runners and are looking for something to add a bit of sparkle to a mundane slog on the treadmill, perhaps a trip through to rolling grasslands of Mongolia’s Himalayan foothills will give you that extra motivation to push on.

Thanks to the Zone Dome, the latest marriage between fitness and technology and product of self-confessed health and fitness veterans Running Unlimited, you can leave the insect repellent in the cupboard and become immersed in some of the world’s most inspiring locations from the comfort of your home or a local gym. The free-standing, 1.5 metre wide display shows one of five supplied themes that include Monument Valley, Route 66, Humphrey’s Peak, Dawn at Joshua Tree and even Area 51, though you didn’t hear that from us.

Able to select 20 or 40 minute runs at speeds of between 9 and 12 km/h, the Zone Dome is compatible with any treadmill and is aimed at gyms and hotels as well as luxury domestic use. Though unfortunately there’s no audio, we certainly like the idea of being able to run past elephants, giraffes and hyenas in Tanzania’s Serengeti, or trawl the rock-strewn landscapes of Monument Valley, but you might want to start saving the pennies if you’re planning to buy one for the home.

The Zone Dome costs £3,940 for the unit and five supplied destinations, with additional five-film bundles available to purchase as add-ons for £500. However, Running Unlimited says the Zone Dome could be “coming to a gym near you soon” and is currently in negotiations with a range of facilities across the UK, so if you’re not willing to shell out for a unit for the home just yet why not have a word with the manager on your next trip to Fitness First.

For more information and some pretty breathtaking landscapes visit Running Unlimited