Stoptober: The gift of giving up

Quitting smoking is an incredibly hard challenge as the lure of free yellow teeth, smelly clothes and lung cancer is much too strong for some people. However, if for some odd reason you’d like to regain the ability to breathe and generally have less poison swimming around your body, the NHS are now leveraging the power of apps to aide you on your journey.


Stoptober (an NHS initiative) is encouraging smokers to give up for the month of October, as people who quit for 28 days are 5 times more likely to stay smoke free. It’s also encouraging people to mass words together with the names of months, a disturbing trend started with Mowvember. Whatever next? Febrewary to encourage you make your own alcohol? AApril to counteract all the drinking in Febrewary?

Stoptober have created a mobile app to support people through their 28 day journey by providing daily advice, crave busting tips, a money saved calculator and a whole host of other supportive information. The app also integrates with web support.

The app makes you enter information about your smoking habits and motivation so you get personalised support – a reminder of how much money you’ve saved, or how your house now longer smells like an armpit. There’s also a daily planner (“Things to do today: Not smoke”) and a series of badges as you progress. You can also share your progress on Facebook who can support you as you keep going (or castigate you as you give in to temptation).

If you sign up you also get a Stoptober pack which includes a calendar, gum and a Stoptober stress toy to help keep your hands busy.

Department of Health Stoptober app is now available in the iTunes app store and Google Play.

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