Aria Fitbit- Wifi scales with an app ecosystem

Losing weight is a tough business. Making money off losing weight is rich pickings and the diet industry is ironically a fatted calf. But it’s not all snake oil and there are some great gadgets out there to help you help you in the struggle. One of my favourites in recent years has been the Fitbit Ultra, a really cool dongle that you could clip to your belt while it tracked your your movements and told you how many calories walking up and down the stairs burned. Check out our review from 6-month’s ago.


Fitbit have branched out into the bathroom with the Firbit Aria, a Wi-Fi smart scale that tracks weight, % body fat and BMI. What makes the Fitbit Aria special is that it automatically uploads information through the Wi-Fi network to your Fitbit profile. Monitoring your progress is important and having a regular chart of your weight that you can pull up on a smartphone app before deciding whether or not to go into KFC (don’t go) is really useful. Amusingly the scale comes in what (to me) looks like a pizza box, so it’s a great way to pull a cruel prank and send a message at the same time.

As with all non-computer based Wifi devices set up is a tad fiddly and it took me a few goes to get everything up and running. Having to register clicks by standing on the scale or flipping it over *almost* drove me crazy, but thankfully just before the crucial *I give up* moment

If you’re already plugged into the Fitbit ecosystem then the Aria Scale is fully compatible with Fitbit’s online and app tools. The scale automatically recognises eight users, although there is a privacy setting that means you can stop your housemates from seeing your epic battle against the lure of Krispy Kremes.

Unlike conventional scales, you can track trends in your weight and set goals. You can even earn badges as you progress to your goal if that’s your thing. Or create a support network for additional motivation with your gym buddies.

> “Fitbit continues to provide users with intelligent and compelling ways to monitor key activity indices and we’re pleased to be able to build upon this offering with the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale. The Fitbit Aria is fully integrated with iPhone and Android Fitbit Apps, as well as all the online motivational tools, so there is a great platform for users to understand their weight while empowering them to set and achieve their desired goals.”
Gareth Jones, VP and European General Manager for Fitbit.

The Fitbit Aria (£99.99) is available to pre-order now at Amazon and and is available to purchase both online and in-store at Apple stores and online at