January’s get fit schedule just got smarter with the Wahoo Fitness Blue Heart Monitor

I don’t know about you but with all this drinking, too many late nights and excessive eating, I felt like bypassing the New Year and beginning the January detoxing early – perhaps it’s just my age! Although if I want to exploit the get fit advantages of the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Heart Rate Monitor, the world’s first Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor, I’ll have to wait until mid-January, when it’s released.


The ‘proper’ unveiling of this innovative device will apparently take place at CES 2012; although that hasn’t stopped a whirl of excitement flurrying around the net since Wahoo Fitness exposed its Blue HR press release.

In “harnessing the power of Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices”, the Blue HR will effectively transform your smartphone into an all-in-one training partner, and given that an all-in-one training partner is what our poor neglected bodies are all crying out for in January, Wahoo Fitness’s timing of the Blue HR release is impeccable.

In using the latest in Bluetooth Technology, the Blue HR is able to communicate directly with Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices, including the iPhone 4S. Being in full support of various Wahoo Fitness’ app partners, including several of the most popular fitness apps, such as Runmeter, MotionX, 321 Run, RunKeeper and MapMyFitness, users will have access to heart rate data, music playlists, their phone, GPS maps, etc., all in one place.

In generating heart rate data in real time, the Blue HR provides highly accurate readings of the number of calories you have burned during a workout. Blue HR users also have the option of purchasing a Wahoo Armband, which provides protection for your iPhone 4S with full touchscreen access, and, of course, as the device relays heart information via Bluetooth Smart Technology wirelessly; no key or additional hardware is needed.

According to Wahoo Fitness, virtually all new smartphones in 2012 will include the Bluetooth V4.0 technology that is all Bluetooth Smart Ready devices and that the Blue HR marks the first release of a Bluetooth Smart app enabled accessory for the iPhone 4S.