Jawbone Up Fitness Tracker: Serious about losing weight

If you are serious about losing weight and toning up in time for Christmas then you may need to resort to some extreme and aggressive methods and they don’t come much more extreme and aggressive than the Jawbone Up Fitness Tracker – Even its name evokes images of army sergeants standing over you while you are perform a set of 50 press ups!


Launched on November 6, this fitness and lifestyle tracker works in conjunction with the Up app, enabling users to track their progress.  Worn on a dieter’s wrist, the Jawbone Up literally tracks your every move, including steps taken, distance travelled, pace of distance travelled, intensity of distance travelled and number of calories burned, and just when you thought it was safe to put your feet up and relax with a cup of tea for 20 minutes, the Jawbone Up screams at you to stop being sedentary and go for a walk or, worse still, a run – I told you it was aggressive!

Although prompting users when they are having an albeit fleetingly ‘still’ moment is not the Jawbone Up’s only pressure tactic, as this highly persuasive bracelet attempts to persuade its fitness apprentices to take photos of the food they are thinking about eating during the day. The ruthless device then bombards its quaking users with information about the calorie content of their potential meals, bullying them into opting for a salad instead of a MacDonald’s – Well you did say in time for Christmas.

Even while asleep one cannot escape from the Jawbone Up watching their every move, as this inventive little bracelet, which looks, by the way, about as technical as a cuddly teddy bear, monitors sleep patterns, including hours slept, sleep phases, when is the best time to go to bed and overall sleep quality – They talk about a nanny state, how about nanny jewellery!

The Jawbone Up Fitness Tracker will set you back $100, but could be worth it to fit into that size 10 little black number for the Christmas office party!