Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush: The iPhone of toothbrushes

I love technology crammed where you wouldn’t normally think to put it. One of my favourite things I came across last year was a fridge with a built-in, internet-connected touchscreen. That is all kinds of awesome as far as I am concerned. So when I heard that Philips were applying their technological might to the humble toothbrush I was eager to find out more. The toothbrush is an amazing invention (they tried to honor the inventor of the toothbrush by putting up a plaque but habit kicked in and he had it removed), so any innovation in that field is welcome.


Philips sent me a review unit to trial and then keep (and they assured me that my unit had been in no other mouths but mine)The first thing that strikes you about the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush is the design of the unit – it’s incredibly sleek and matte white. Although the DiamondClean sports 5 cleaning modes (Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care, Sensitive), it’s not immediately apparent how to access them as there is just one subtle looking button for power. However after you turn the unit on you the cleaning mode is illuminated in nice neat letters and you can cycle through them using the power button. Little touches like this let you know you are using a premium device and with the understated, elegant design the DiamondClean is clearly the iPhone of toothbrushes.

The smooth unit doesn’t have any inputs for a charger which seems curious at first. Then you realise that through some ungodly magic Philips have enabled you to charge the DiamondClean simply by placing it in the supplied rinsing glass (There’s a little stand that you place under the rinsing glass and plug into a power unit.) The supplied rinsing glass can also be used for rinsing. I don’t often give standing ovations in my bathroom but when I worked this out I involuntarily started clapping. It’s very clever stuff. The DiamondClean aslo comes with a USB charging travel case so you can take your toothbrush on the road and plug it into your laptop. Expect a few stares.

But how is it to clean your teeth? Lordy. If you’ve ever wondered what having your teeth sandblasted might feel like, you should really try the DiamondClean. And I mean that as a compliment. I’ve used electric toothbrushes before but few have come close to the intense workout that the DiamondClean gives your mouth. You can also get the DiamondClean to drop you in the shallow end as there’s a setting that gently ramps up the intensity over the first 14 settings. The DiamondClean brush heads have diamond-shaped, medium stiffness bristles to effectively yet scrape away plaque and the uniquely angled brush head neck makes it easier to reach back teeth so it’s doing everything you’d expect.

If you already carefully brush all four quadrants of your mouth for the Dental Professional recommended 30 seconds each then well done. If like me however you’ve been winging it all these years, you’ll be pleased to know that the DiamondClean features an integrated timer that vibrates when it’s time to head to the next section.

I’m not a Dental Professional by any means. But I know my mouth certainly feels cleaner after using the DiamondClean. Check it out at Philips for more details.

The Sonicare Diamondclean toothbrush is out now from Philips with a RRP of £250