Nike+ SportWatch GPS: Keeping you on track?

Nike has teamed up with TomTom, one of the world leaders in GPS mapping systems, to provide runners with the ideal digital performance coach. There are specific runner watches already on the market, Polar for instance, has been in exercise technology for years, but Nike does it with style. Large digital numbers and a dark black band with a green/yellow underside screams latest fashion to me.


With just three buttons to worry about plus tap screen navigation, you can capture local information as you run, whilst checking out your time, distance, pace and the number of calories you’ve burned. The GPS receiver also works in tandem with the optional Nike in-shoe accelerometer sensor to provide you with accurate live pace and distance data during the course of your run.

This is a watch with attitude. It will log your run history and give you run reminders if you haven’t logged a run in five days, it’ll give you post run acknowledgement and encouragement and it’ll even monitor your heart rate throughout your exercise.

You’ll also be keeping in touch with fellow Nike runners the world over through the Nike+Connect USB interface which plugs you into that has up to now logged over 150 million global runs since its launch in 2006. It’s a useful database of run routes posted by its running community broken down by location, length and difficulty.

At £179 this is serious kit, so go on and break some records.