Golfers get a grip with Senso Glove the world’s first digital golf glove

Golf, once the sport of gentlemen, has now become so cutthroat that we’ll try anything if it means getting an edge. There’s now a ball for every type of swing, dedicated GPS caddie systems to give us exact yardage, and a thousand and one different types of putters. New clubs come out every year, promising greater feel, longer hitting and even more accuracy than the last model and we all feel compelled to try them. We have an insatiable appetite to improve our scores without having to resort to lessons, because after all, there’s nothing wrong with our golf swings is there, it’s just the equipment we use.


Just when I thought I’d seen it all, along comes something brand new. A digital glove that ensures you grip the club correctly. Gripping the club too lightly or too tightly will almost always result in a poor shot, so learning to hold the club with the correct amount of pressure will certainly be a benefit.

Sensors on the leather glove monitor and record finger and palm pressure 80 times a second and SensoGlove’s small, sweat-proof 1.2-inch LED digital monitor will give a real time audio and visual warning if your grip is not correct.

David Bauer, President of SensoSolutions comments  “Instinctively, people try to grip the club harder when they have trouble hitting the ball properly, creating a death grip,’ with excessive tension in the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders, crippling the swing.  SensoGlove stops the ‘death grip’ by telling you when you are gripping too hard and when it’s just right.”

Clearly, this is a training aid and would not be allowed on a golf course during official play. Well you wouldn’t want it anyway,  just the thought of an audible burst on your back swing is enough to put you off

The Senso Glove certainly won’t suddenly turn us into a Tiger Woods overnight, but using technology to help us perfect any facet of our game can’t be a bad thing can it?  Although at $89, albeit for a glove made from high quality cabretta leather, it’ll need to work a few miracles too.