Can you emWave away stress?

We all know that life contains unavoidable pressures, and unless you live in a bubble, it’s impossible to dodge them all the time. Luckily, emWave Personal Stress Reliever is here to help you stay calm when tension and hassle become overwhelming, like a calming influence you can keep in your pocket.

Whether your stresses are caused by confrontations with a colleague, keeping up with a hectic social life or juggling the various timetables of a family, if you’re feeling snowed under, it will be hard to think clearly and be at your best. emWave helps you cope by reminding you how to breathe. Yes, breathe.


When you’re stressed, your heart rate increases and you breathe more quickly, which can leave you feeling out of control and flustered. This dinky, handheld device can help your system get back to normal, or what the manufacturers call a state of ‘coherence’, by training you to relax.

It measures how stressed you are by checking your heart rhythm, and gives you a breathing pattern to follow until your heart rate regulates and slows down. Once your breathing is more even, you will feel sharper and able to function properly again.

All you need to do is put your thumb on emWave’s sensor or attach the earlobe clip if you want to use it hands-free – although this might cause a few stares in an office. It reads your pulse and measures stress levels accordingly, giving a reading using different coloured LED lights. There’s a pacer line to breathe in time with, and, as you calm down, the LEDs move from red (stressed) through blue (balanced) and eventually to green (calm). It also has different tones rather than lights, if you prefer that option.

It can be used by children and adults, and in the long term it should help you to recognise stressful situations and train yourself to respond to them in a calmer way. This should be common sense, and if you are a fairly laid-back individual or you actually thrive on the pressure, then this would be a waste of money. However, if feeling snowed under gives you a sense of panic, this will provide a reason to take yourself out of a stressful situation for a few minutes while you get your head together.

Prolonged stress can cause all sorts of horrors, from high blood pressure to heart disease – even premature ageing. Reminding yourself to relax can be a way to help avoid these things, and, once you’ve got your own stresses under control, you can pass it on to your most frazzled colleague.

Priced £125, emWave is available from or calling 01206 767300