XPS 18 – Dell’s Thinnest and Lightest All-in-One


What do you get when you cross a laptop with a desktop PC and a tablet? If you’re imagining a bit of a mess, then you’d be completely on the wrong tracks, because that is just what Dell’s new XPS 18 is. All the portability of a laptop, with the trappings of a tablet and power of a desktop.

Connect the tablet device to a wireless keyboard and mouse and you have a laptop, or alternatively you can set up a special stand that allows it to take centre stage on any desktop. Versatile? Yep, you can check those boxes.

Whilst the majority of tablets with large screens (the XPS 18, taking after its name, comes with an 18.4-inch HD touchscreen display) tend to be rather bulky and on the heavy side, the XPS 18 is neither. Both thin and light clocking in at 5ibs, the All-in-One (AIO) is less than half the weight of its competitors on the market-place.


With an aluminium backed finish, you can be confident that the XPS 18 is also designed to take a few knocks whilst on the go, and the versatility it offers means you can use it no matter if you are in the office, on the train or at home in the living room. The battery life of nearly five hours between charging means you are not restricted in terms of where you use it, making it a truly portable device.

Based upon third generation Intel Core processors together with seamless integration of the new Windows 8 operating system, the XPS 18 also represents good value for money, with a recommended retail price of only £849 when it goes on sale on April 16th.

Visit Dell for more information and to reserve one for yourself before the official release date.