MAG II Gun Controller: The pursuit of trigger happiness

There’s something silly yet enjoyable about running around pretending to have a gun (key word “pretending”) and the sophistication of modern gaming is still hard pressed to be as enjoyable as doing that scene from Spaced. But if you want to take your virtual gun play to the next level then AIE (All Interactive Entertainment) have just the thing.


The MAG II Gun Controller is an immersive controller for PC and PS3 First Person Shooter games. Video game guns have been around since Duck Hunt – and probably before. What makes MAG II new is that it is instantly compatible with ALL shooting games on PS3 and PC so you don’t have to worry about buying a MAG gun, taking it home, finding out it’s incompatible, flying into a rage, running down the street waving said MAG gun and then having to reevaluate your value system. They’ve thought ahead.

MAG II is not a light gun to be waved blindly in the vague direction of the screen. MAG II is compact, ergonomic and ultra responsive. It can also be calibrated in real time during the game so if you feel your aim is a little off you can get the gun to help out. MAG II features 3 pre-programmed sensitivity options, built-in wireless, vibration and is the only gun controller to incorporate Motion Sensing and Gyroscopic Induction movement tracking – so you don’t need to have a Wii-esque sensor bar messing with the smooth bezel of your flatscreen. If that sort of thing upsets you. And we don’t want to upset you. Seeing as how much you like playing with guns.

The MAG II Gun Controller will be available in the UK for SRP £109.95 and is being distributed exclusively in the UK by CentreSoft. For more details, visit the official MAG II Gun Controller website Mag Controller.