dLAN AV 500 Wireless+: Why take two bottles into the shower?

I fixed my sink the other day. It was clogged and after seeking advice from a “proper grown up” (a plumber) who wanted almost £200 for the privilege I decided to roll up my sleeves, google “how to fix a sink” and carry out the repair myself. And I did. It was a magical, empowering experience and felt ready to tackle anything. Well almost everything. I don’t think all the sinks in the world could prepare me to fix my home networking situation.


I hate networking. I’m quite good with technology (I recently swapped out an iPhone battery for a friend, now that I think about it would have made a better lead in paragraph that one about sinks), but dealing with the vagaries of home networking gives me a headache. The cables, the printers, the users and their levels of access. Fortunately there’s a new kid in town. And by kid I mean dLAN AV 500 Wireless+, the first all-in-one Powerline adapter with integrated WiFi, Powerline and LAN.

By jamming all their technologies into one box you can extend you home broadband using your electrical circuit, boost wifi hotspots and plugin devices via the Ethernet ports. Plus with the ‘piggyback’ electrical socket you don’t even have to miss out on a plug socket.

There’s also an app so you can monitor what’s going on with your home network and set parental controls if you don’t like what you see.

“Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become part of our everyday life. Using dLAN Powerline, you create a central network infrastructure that can integrate wireless products wherever you need them. This makes dLAN one of a kind, because we can ensure the highest transmission quality in every room of the home – whether cabled or wireless.”

Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo

The devolo dLAN 500 AV Wireless+ is available online now. An individual adapter costs £89.99, while the starter kit costs £129.99.