Logitech Bluetooth Mac Keyboard and Trackpad: Peripheral visionaries

I’m not sure what Logitech’s company slogan is but I’m pretty sure it should be “peripheral visionaries”. They’ve been churning out useful computing add-ons since 1981 and are still hard at it with the newly released Bluetooth Easy Switch Keyboard and Rechargeable Trackpad.


The Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard reflects the changing face of modern computing in that it is designed for both OS X and iOS devices. The name reflects its ability to flip between typing on a Mac or an iPad at the touch of a button – handy if you’re at your laptop and then want to reply to a text on your phone (one that isn’t synced up to the iMessage cloud). allowing you to switch between typing on your Mac to your iPad or iPhone at the touch of a button. The keyboard is fitted with back lighting that automatically adjusts to the brightness of the room and the proximity of your hands.

The real-aluminium designed is very mac friendly, not only aesthetically but also with all the OSX keys you rely on including Command, Brightness and Mission Control.There’s also a USB recharge cable, so you can use your keyboard while building a full charge, which will give you 10 days of power.
RRP: £89.99


All computing OSes have great things about them, but one of my favourite things about recent additions to OSX is the commitment to multitouch gestures. Touchscreen phones and tablets brought lots of pinching, swiping and sweeping gestures into my computing life and OSX brings them to real computing. I have a Magic Mouse and a Magic Trackpad but the mouse rarely gets used as the trackpad is such a fun way to interact with software.

The Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac is a smooth glass-touch surface trackpad that allows you to click, scroll, swipe, zoom and more, even while it’s charging. The ability to recharge is a boon as I’m constantly replacing my Magic Trackpad’s batteries and this can last a month when fully charged.
RRP: £59.99