Wacom to Manga Management

Graphics tablet manufacturer Wacom has gone all anime – teaming up with Japanese comic book and digital art craze Manga for a quirky special release.

Bamboo Manga is especially for those fans who not only enjoy following these distinctive digital fellows but also like to try their hand at redrawing the characters and even designing their own.


The special pack combines Wacom’s popular Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet with specialist software Manga Studio Debut 4 and Anime Studio Debut 8. So whether you’re a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan or a My-HiME enthusiast, you can carry these characters around in your mind and recreate them whenever and wherever artistic inclination strikes.

Manga Studio gives you access to traditional Manga-style drawing tools and effects plus the all-essential word balloons to insert your own dialogue. Once your masterpiece is complete, Anime Studio breathes life into the scribbled cartoon chums with audio, video and special effects for 2D movies, cartoons, anime and cut-out animations.

Manga is a massive industry, with a global following and scores of spin-offs. With Manga Wacom you could channel your artistic flair and create unique graphical illustrations in the style of these enchanting oriental characters.

But Wacom has even greater designs on these discernible digital creatures. It’s primed to join the Manga convention circuit, inviting the most devoted Manga-kas to turn their hands at creating the characters – much like those theme park caricaturists – with their own quirky Japanese still-life models at the disposal of their Bamboo Pen.

Wacom and Manga is a natural match-up, as Manga has experienced a real revolution in the advent of commercial graphics devices. The Wacom responds as if pen on paper, meaning the digital artist can hand-draw characters straight to PC before activating their own anime adventures.

String your designs together for storyboards, fight scenes, even whole episodes. Then share via social networking sites or Manga communities.

Akin to most multi-touch displays, this distinctive black and green tablet responds to gestures such as pinch to zoom and flick to rotate. It also lets you use pen and multi-touch together to keep your digital design flowing and the stories going.

Wacom Bamboo Manga is £89 and on sale now.