AOC myPlay: Supersize your mobile’s display


Ever get fed up of the miniscule size of your Smartphone’s display? Have you dreamt of a larger screen on your tablet? With AOC’s new 27” myPlay i2757Fm display monitor, you can plug your Android-compatible gadget in to see your screen in large HD quality.

The myPlay i2757Fm is a clever device, and has been much needed, especially if you want to sit back and enjoy watching a movie on a larger scale than being restricted to a screen the size of your hand. Using a special MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) connector, the advanced LED monitor transfers full HD 1080p content from the small screen to the big at the touch of a button. The integrated speakers ensure you can hear as good as you can see. Your Smartphone / tablet’s batteries are also charged at the same time, so you can be sure that you will never suffer any interruptions due to your device running out of power. You can even control the device using your existing DTV remote.

Suitable for use with any Android-powered tablet or Smartphone, the myPlay i2757Fm boasts a full HD premium IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen that measures 27”, meaning it will breathe life into any film, website, document, video, photograph or even game that you choose to display on it. Just think, no more strained eyes or neck as you try to fathom out what is showing on the small screen – especially if you are playing a puzzle game or reading subtitles on a movie – all you need to do is supersize your display by plugging it into the myPlay i2757Fm.

Forget SpecSavers, the myPlay i2757Fm display monitor could very well be the ultimate sight for sore eyes. Visit for more information.