Sennheiser U320 Gaming Headset: Multi platform? These Cans Can


And so the debate continues to rumble on. PC? Xbox 360? PS3?  Mac? Whatever your particular weapon of choice, the lack of uniform head gear is irritating in the extreme, particularly when you consider most households will have multiple platforms lying around. It would make perfect sense to produce a multi platform accessory, and Sennheiser, revered sonic champions of long standing, has done just that.

According to their research, the majority of gamers today are in their mid twenties and tend to prefer consoles over desk top PCs. On the other hand, I’ll bet there’s an army of PC users out there who might just have a thing or two to say about that. Either way, it makes economic sense to have one high end head set to fit all the choices to keep everyone in the household happy.

The U320 is designed using a patented padding Senheiser calls CircleFlex, which moulds itself to the shape of your head making the cans a very comfortable fit. There’s also a noise cancelling mike so the orders you scream at your online team mates will be easily picked up. Simply raising the boom arm mutes your mike and you’ll be able to maintain radio silence at will.

Product Manager Christian Ern remarks: “The U 320 ensures the best conditions for enjoying your favourite game. We’ve worked hard to develop a consistent sound, regardless of the platform, and believe that our efforts will contribute to players everywhere enjoying a better sound experience.”

Sennheiser U320 Gaming Headset  £109.99