PlexEasy PX-650US: Computer free back ups

Whilst all the talk is about cloud based storage and blue sky thinking, Plextor have their feet planted firmly on the ground. After all, there is still a market out there for those who prefer a more hands on way of storing data.


Plextor have cut their teeth on producing low cost peripherals and the PlexEasy PX-650US is another affordable storage device that provides 8X DVD and CD backups without the need for a computer.

Using the built-in SD/MMC card reader the PlexEasy PX-650US allows users to transfer and create backups from data stored on a memory card or directly from devices with USB such as tablets, smartphones, hard disks, flash drives, camcorders, and even digital and SLR cameras using the PTP protocol.

The slim, light and portable device will be a handy tool if you’re travelling or out and about and in need of a quick data back up. It’s a simple process made easier through the integrated LCD screen so you can check the progress of your data back up. You can even copy discs on the go too.

The PlexEasy is not entirely PC independent though. It can also be connected to a PC or notebook and be used as a mains free back up device too with all the functionality of an external DVD rewriter burner drawing power from its USB Y connection.

At just £90 including VAT the PlexEasy PX-650US is an affordable and efficient way of backing up whilst travelling, and perfect for those of you who prefer clouds just for looking at.