Drobo & Pogoplug Collaboration: A Seamless Solution?

There is no escaping the fact that as our reliance on gadgets to execute work duties, be entertained and stay connected with people grows, so do our files and data, and whilst I have so far managed to avoid buying a ‘cloud data solution’, with so many files and data stored in my computers that I am actually causing them to run at probably a tenth of their potential efficiency, perhaps it is about time I transferred my data into a remote file access. Being on the lookout for such a device, I was therefore keen to write a piece on Drobo and Pogoplug’s solution to personal cloud storage with instant access to files anytime, anywhere.


In combining the knowledge of the award-winning data storage products for businesses and professionals, Drobo, with the experience of Pogoplug, another award-winning outfit for its creation of streaming and lining devices, one would expect Drobo and Pogoplug’s Personal Cloud solution to deliver the goods.

In using Pogoplug Cloud, users can transform their Drobo into a multi-terabyte private cloud. ‘Pogoplug, private cloud, multi-terabyte’, what does all this jargon actually all mean, we all cry?! Basically, the new co-created ‘Personal Cloud’ device provides secure and remote access for an entire digital library of documents, photos, music, games and movies. On top of providing a safe home for our precious digital data, the Personal Cloud also provides users with 10GB of free public cloud storage, meaning it is ideal for synching crucial files between Drobo and ‘the cloud’.

Shedding some much needed further light on, what we are assured is a ‘sophisticated yet easy-to-use and affordable solution for professionals and businesses,’ is Tom Buiocchi, CEO of Drobo, who said of his company’s latest storage creation:

“Small businesses, professionals, and consumers already store large collections of files on their Drobo. Adding remote access, media streaming and other cloud capabilities turns the Drobo into the ultimate personal cloud – combining the simple, reliable storage Drobo users have come to expect with the flexibility and freedom of the cloud.”

While I feel inclined to shop around a bit for my data storage solution, if the Drobo/Pogoplug partnership has convinced you, you’ll find more information about this ‘seamless hybrid cloud solution’ at: www.drobo.co.uk/pogoplug