Buffalo MiniStation: Portable hard-as-nails drive

Buffalo Technology has announced the launch of the MiniStation Extreme – a US Military Standard, compact and sophisticated high performance portable hard drive. That’s going to be pretty damn tough, then.


The MiniStation Extreme combines USB 3.0 and Buffalo TurboPC EX providing data transfer speeds of up to 5G bits per second (bps) making it very useful for all of the important social (and business) norms including the transfer and sharing of videos, large digital photo collections, music files and other data-intensive stuff.

The internal hard drive is encased within a highly shock-resistant body with life-saving rubberised elements. If our featuring of this product isn’t proof enough of its quality, then we’ll be glad to inform you that its shock protection features meet with United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810F 516.5 Procedure IV (so, it’s hard as frickin’ nails) and has passed free-fall drop tests of up 2.3m. Pretty damn tough. Like we said.

The new release is available in piano-black, silver and red colour, and is fitted with an integrated USB cable, which snaps to the chassis for pack-and-go portability.

Paul Hudson, Sales Director for Northern Europe at Buffalo Technology (who specialise in the design, development and manufacturing of storage and wireless networking solutions) comments: “The MiniStation Extreme is a prime example of Buffalo’s commitment to product innovation. This latest addition to the MiniStation family is ideal for globetrotters who travel with their PCs and portable HDDs and demand a robust, fast and secure high performance portable storage device.” 

Available in 500GB and 1TB, the MiniStation Extreme also includes 256-bit AES Full Disk Encryption (FDE) to protect your data from unauthorised access.

The recommended retail price for the 500 GB unit is £78 and it’s £113 for the 1TB unit.
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