Seagate GoFlex Cinema: Helping your TV multitask

The TV seems to be the focus for many a technology company at the moment, and Seagate is the latest to turn its attention on the old gogglebox as a means for watching not only EastEnders and endless repeats, but also for all your digital multimedia content.


I guess it makes sense to bring all your entertainment into one space and make the whole experience more sociable, rather than sitting alone in front of the computer screen. So, welcome the GoFlex Cinema multimedia drive.

This new high-capacity drive “is designed to transform the television into a digital media centre,” says Seagate.

So what can you do with the GoFlex? Well, first, you can play back most video formats (including MKV, H.264 and MP4,) in 1080p HD quality, and you can view your digital photos this way too. What’s more, you can load content onto the drive without having to go through your computer (really handy if your laptop is like mine and crammed full of content already).

So, to watch your latest holiday snaps when you get home, just connect your digital camera direct to the drive, and use the remote control to drive the slide show. If there’s not enough space you can upgrade to a higher-capacity GoFlex Desk drive.

If you are a bilingual computer user and use both a PC and Mac, the good news is that the GoFlex drive is compatible with both Windows and MacOSX.

The 1TB model costs around £130, while the 2Tb and 3TB modesl are selling for around £164 and £191 respectively on Amazon.

More details at Seagate