Don’t put a lid on it – Freecom’s USB DataBar

I know it’s my own fault, but I’m forever losing the caps of USB sticks. Admittedly, most of them have been freebies from PR companies, courses or various seminars, which is probably why I don’t take care of them. And, of course it’s my own fault that they get gunked up with biscuit crumbs, sticky sweets and the rest of the detritus that seems to lurk at the bottom of my bag.


So it was with great joy that I received the news that Freecom has come up with a clever capless design for its latest USB sticks – dubbed DataBar. Industrial designers Niels in Vorm and EigenID are behind the clever design, which sees a sliding mechanism retract the USB connection into the stick when it’s not in use. It’s a simple, but incredibly clever, design feature.

“The whole point of USB sticks is that they are small enough to carry around wherever users go, but with traditional designs it’s easy to misplace the cap when moving a stick around from one place to the other,” said Cas de Heus, marketing and communications manager EUMEA at Freecom.  “With the DataBar, we have overcome this problem thanks to the capless design – and what’s more, this ‘all in one’ USB stick is as stylish as it is practical.”

The DataBar is USB 2.0 compatible and has up to 64GB of capacity, which can store more than 43,000 pictures, should you wish.

Prices start at a slightly pricey £5.49 for the 2GB stick (you can pick up an ordinary 8Gb stick for around the same price), up to £135 for the 64GB version. Find out more at