LaCie Porsche design Mobile and Desktop Hard Drives

The brand name Porsche immediately conjures up thoughts of lavishness and luxury, so when Porsche Design – the luxury brand with a focus on technically inspired products – team up with LaCie –  a leading manufacturer of storage devices for PC, Apple and Linux that has always prided itself through ‘sleek design and remarkable technical performance’ – to produce LaCie Porsche Design Mobile and Desktop Hard Drives, the result, you would imagine, would be flawless functionality in its purist form.


LaCie’s latest evolution of its portfolio designed by Porsche Design can certainly be described as maintaining the superiority and workmanship supplementary of the Porsche signature. Not only does the aluminium frame the LaCie Porsche Design Mobile and Desktop Hard Drives are contained in exude elegance and quality, but it also presents a durable and scratch–resistant casing to protect the internal mechanics.

Speed, like elegance, is another Porsche-synonymous adjective, and the LaCie Porsche Design Mobile and Desktop Hard Drives are, according to LaCie, the “fastest USB 3.0 hard drives on the market”. Speed is at the heart of these luxury technical products, and users will enjoy transferring their digital data within seconds, causing little delay to time is of the essence lifestyles.

For those who have driven a Porsche, and unfortunately I am not one of them, powerful driving and effortless control, I am informed, is at the core of the experience. Continuing its devotion to providing an effortless experience to the affluent consumer, the LaCie Porsche Design Hard Drives come equipped with software that it is easy to install on PC and Mac. Each drive also includes backup software, to ensure users have complete control of all digital assets.

Unlike many manufacturing companies, luxury or mainstream, concern for the environment is not new at Porsche. In fact ever since the company conducted the first official emission testing of its sports car back in 1966, Porsche has a long history of developing innovative technology that has helped advance the industry’s efforts in producing more environmentally-conscious technology. In-keeping with the luxury brand’s commitment to producing products without being at the expense of the planet, the LaCie Porsche Design Mobile and Desktop Hard Drive’s frames are 100% recyclable.

Whilst no official prices have been released of the LaCie Porsche’s joint ultra-suave and sophisticated new storage accessories, we are slightly suspicious that, like anything associated with Porsche, the humble masses will be excluded.