Acer Aspire Z5761: A touching performance

Acer is bringing its latest all-in-one to a somewhat crowded market, with the likes of HP and Sony having recently released their own all-in-ones. But what just might make this one stand apart from the rest is Acer’s own TouchPortal interface (powered, by the way, by Sandy Bridge processors).


The ‘Touch’ family of functions includes:

  • TouchBrowser: a touch-friendly web browser designed for searching, retrieving and presenting information from the Internet;
  • TouchCam: a handy touch controls to add fun video effects while chatting online, or do theme-style recording and share with friends on YouTube;
  • TouchMusic, which lets you browse, manage and play your favourite music;
  • TouchPhoto, which integrates photo management with photo sharing capabilities and is designed to interact with both local images and online albums, and
  • TouchVideo, which includes video management and sharing features. It allows you to enjoy Blu-ray or DVD movies and home videos, as well as browse and share your videos to YouTube.

Acer has also included its new media sharing system – called – which brings all your multimedia content into a single system with a common interface. Out of the box, it promises to identify all your devices on the home network and then allow any digital content stored on them to be shared seamlessly.

Acer has done its best to make this new computer look like a part of the decor, rather than a piece of gadgetry – its sharp lines combine aluminium with matt and glossy black surfaces, along with cool blue lighting to light up the keyboard. The keyboard can be slid under the PC when not in use, to help achieve that minimalist look. The silver stand has a window for organising cables.

Spec-wise, it features Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, making it powerful enough for editing multimedia files and playing fast-action games, a 23in Full HD 1080p display, an integrated 5W stereo speaker system and Dolby Home Theater v4.

There’s an optional Blue-Ray Disc optical drive and TV tuner, and connectivity wise it offers support for 802.11b/g/n, Gigabit LAN and optional built-in Bluetooth 2.1, as well as featuring an onboard microphone and high-def webcam.

Storage-wise, you’ll get up to 1.5TB plus up to 8GB of DDR3 memory and eight USB ports. Sounds like quite a lot for your money, with an expected retail price starting at £799.

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The Aspire Z5761 will be available in early May with prices starting from £799 inc Vat