Nexus Silent Mouse SM-7000B: Phasing out the mouse click


It wasn’t until I read about the Nexus Silent Mouse SM-7000B that I realised how annoying the ‘clicking’ noise a mouse makes is. In fact I wish I had never read about this innovative gadget, as now every time I use my mouse I am conscious of the noise it makes, whilst prior to reading the Nexus press release I hadn’t even thought about a mouse’s ‘click’, let alone it been annoyed by it.

This advanced 2.4G wireless optical mouse connects to any PC, laptop or MAC via an extra-small nano receiver. By incorporating Patented Silent Switch Technology, the Nexus Silent Mouse SM-7000B, as its name suggests, is completely silent, producing no annoying clicking sound. Although I was obviously alone in my oblivion towards a mouse’s infuriating sounds, as according to Michael van de Jagt of Nexus Technology, Nexus customers have been pushing them for some time to produce a silent mouse and eradicate the maddening clicking noise forever.

“You will be amazed how much more relaxing it is when you get rid of this useless sound. We have many TV and radio studio customers that have been pushing us for this product and we notice that it is appreciated by home and office users also,” said Mr Van der Jagt.

Check out this demo video:

According to Nexus, the clicking sound a mouse makes was a deliberate sound to show confirmation that you have clicked on an icon, but now that PCs are significantly faster, they show a graphical reaction to your click, which is almost immediate, and therefore making the mouse click noise defunct.

It’s also available in white:


Although the qualities of this avant-garde mouse do not stop at its soundless nature. Being a comfortable size and possessing a quality surface treatment, the SM-7000B feels great in your hand and is comfortable to use, and, thanks to a tiny nano receiver, you can plug the mouse into a USB port and forget about it. Furthermore, there is a convenient 1000/1600 DPI selection switch positioned on top of the mouse, which enables users to alter its speed, slow when you require accuracy and fast when you need speed.

Similar to when you are decorating a house, the more you decorate and modernise, the more it shows up areas, previously regarded as acceptable, to be shabby and untidy, modern technology, as it evolves, has the tendency to make us keep yearning to replace gadgets and technological arenas previously considered as adequate. The Nexus Silent Mouse SM-7000B definitely comes into this bracket, as an hour ago I wasn’t fazed by a mouse’s ‘click’ whatsoever, so I cannot wait to buy the Silent Mouse.

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