Swiftpoint: The ultra mini-mouse

Hate trackpads? Go on admit it I won’t tell anyone. Trackpads can be amazing – Apple’s multi-touch efforts are pretty swanky and in general the technology has improved since my early days battling IBM Thinkpad nubs. But for detailed work, or frustration free computing … it’s nice to have a mouse. But with laptops getting smaller and lighter (not to mention netbooks with smaller, even more frustrating trackpads and even less space to use a mouse) adding a conventional mouse to your set up doesn’t always make sense. If you actually have the laptop on your lap (or a snazzy Logitech Lapdesk) then having a mouse is a little awkward.


Enter Swiftpoint Ltd, a New Zealand-based technology company and their super cute Swiftpoint mouse. Fitting snugly over your thumb, the Swiftpoint mouse is dinky yet packs a host of features and design points that Swiftpoint claim improve productivity. With all the buttons you’d expect, plus a carefully positioned scroll wheel the Swiftpoint mouse does seem like a step up from the clunky manoeuvring trackpads provide.

A tiny USB dongle links your laptop (or any computer really) the Swiftmouse and you are pretty much ready to go. An annoying message pops up on Macs but this can safely be ignored. The dongle also acts as a dock. A 90-minute charge will provide between 2-to-4 weeks of normal use, whilst a 30-second burst will give the user an hour of usage time, even if the battery has been completely drained.

I created the Swiftpoint Mouse because of my own frustration with the touchpad, which I and many others consider to be a very inaccurate and inefficient substitute for a mouse,” said Grant Odgers, CEO, Swiftpoint.

“After four years of intensive research, design, development and testing, we are proud to present the final result – a mouse that you can use directly on your palm rest to turn your laptop into a no-compromise mobile workstation, no matter how cramped your work space is.”

The Swiftpoint mouse is available from www.amazon.co.uk at a RRP of £59.99 inc VAT.