First look: PQI H560 HDD, military standard storage


It was amusing to learn that there is a bunch of volatile folk out there in the big wide world whose job it is to test the ruggedness of our consumer technology. They drop, throw, bash and molest the products for us so that we may rest assured that, when our clumsy mittens fumble with that brand-spanking new hard drive and it flat-spins its way face first into the tiles, our machinery will be A-OK. These people even have codes and whatnot that are then awarded to the product.

PQI’s H560 is one of those gizmos sturdy enough to have survived repeated drops from heights of up to 46in. It now proudly carries a military standard 810F 516.5, which effectively means we can be pretty abusive to this storage device and it will not give up on us. All your films and MP3s are safely tucked away within a specialised rubber casing and gently carried through that awful tumble down the stairs by unique internal shock-absorption suspension technology.

Product overview:

If you’ve ever dropped a precious gadget, you will know that chilling feeling of trying to boot up post-accident and being crestfallen as you realise you should have taken out some insurance, or at least, have had a more rigorous system in place for backing up your data.

With this hard drive those fears are assuaged. Just don’t get any strange ideas about second guessing the military’s test methods and dropping the PQI from your apartment window several floors above the Earth.

The more pedestrian aspects of this hard drive are up-to-scratch: a USB 2.0 interface means quick and painless data transfer, a sweet touch is that the USB cable is built-in meaning no silly cable-fuss; the 320/500/640GB capacities dictate that you can easily carry a whole video rental store around without worry; single-button backup functionality allow the paranoid amongst us that extra touch of peace-of-mind and the bundled Ur Fortress encryption software means nobody is any wiser that you’ve been raping the Bittorrent sites recently. Its a 2.5in SATA drive with miniscule dimensions of 5.7 x 3.2 x 0.9in and weighs a paltry 350g so portability is a non-issue. Plus its Mac and PC compatible.

So, start dropping your very own PQI H560 today (Ed: At your own risk of course!)