The topsy-turvy world of wireless speakers

Home Entertainment, Portable Media & MP3 — By Gabrielle Pickard on January 8, 2011 9:00 AM

Wireless. Everything is wireless these days. It’s great isn’t it? Long gone are the days of desperately trying to disguise a mesh of unsightly wires, stubbornly sticking out from behind a desk with a wastepaper bin, only to find the wires keep getting stuck in the lattice of the bin and everything is a complete mess, because nothing requires wires anymore! The latest technical genre to have a ‘wireless makeover’ are speakers, traditionally one of the worse culprits in the headache-inducing wire-mesh conundrum.


When any type of technology has a makeover and becomes significantly improved, its cost also tends to be significantly increased, and this is very much the situation with wireless speakers at present – quite a lot available, but it will cost you. This is where Aluratek’s new wireless Bump speakers may step in, as costing just $79.99, are an affordable solution to helping reduce the ball of wires that currently lies behind your computer. There are three ‘Bump’ models available, but the model receiving the most complimentary coverage is the AUWS01F. This neat and stylish gadget picks up a signal from a 2.4GHz wireless dongle and converts it into high-quality sound.

In comparison to Aluratek’s highly affordable Bump wireless speakers, are the highly unaffordable Danish audio specialist ‘Libertone’, Libratone Beat wireless speakers, which net in at £549. Although being clad in cashmere, promising a 360-degree FullRoom sound experience, despite consisting of only a single unit but by combining twibbon tweeter that bounce sound off the wall and some too-clever-to-mention DPS functionality, the Libertone Beat is a good example of how ‘far apart’ the world of wireless speakers are at present. Although this high-end wireless speaker, if you can afford it, with its state-of-the-art Scandinavian design and pioneering technology, really would ‘liberate’ your music collection.


Whilst the Creative Inspire S2 Wireless Speakers brings the wireless speakers medium back down to earth. These compactly designed speakers employ a 2.1-channel set-up with the satellites truthfully described as being palm sized. Creative also includes a Bluetooth adapter into the bundle, which, when plugged into your computer, will automatically sync with the wireless speakers. Whilst these speakers may not produce the sound quality of their more expensive rivals, at approximately £90, they are an affordable wireless option.

For jus £59.99, Connected Essentials HPL200 Wireless Speakers, will not break anybody’s bank. Whilst they may lack the style and sophistication of their more expensive counterparts, Connected Essential claim the HPL200 produces crisp, clear sound. Whilst any company is bound to make such claims, these speakers are completely wireless and a cheap way to de-clutter your home of wires.

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