Latest Gadgets visit Panasonic – Intelligent Living

Panasonic invited Latest Gadgets to have a look at some of its household gadgets. Despite being renown for household goods in Japan and the rest of Asia, they lack a distinct presence in these areas in Europe and invited us over to change our minds.
At first we were wary – how exciting can fridges get? Aren’t gadgets mp3 players and cameras. Shouldn’t you be reading yet another article about 3DTV? Probably, but they told us there would be lasers so we went down anyway.


The lasers in question were used as part of Panasonic’s Active Range (ES-RT31, ES-RT51 and ES-RT81) of shavers, which can be used wet or dry. Unfortunately there were no lightsaber based innovations but they did feature Nano-Edge blades (blade tip = 0.3 microns) to the new Active shavers – a feature normally reserved for expensive shavers and the ability to shave in the shower. They had epilators as well but I stayed well clear of those.

Amazing cooking smells took me to the over to see Panasonic’s award-winning Flatbed combination microwave oven range, the NN-CF778S, NN-CF760M and NN-CF750W. Flatbed Oven Technology means that the rotating part of the microwave is under the ceramic base of the microwave allowing bigger dishes and faster cooking times. The Panasonic Inverter Technology guarantees uniform and even cooking. And amazing brownies. Combination cooking can also reduce cooking times by half to two thirds, depending on the food, whilst giving traditional conventional oven results. A whole roast chicken can be cooked in half the time, using 25% less energy than a conventional oven. Effectively you could use one of these instead of a conventional oven. A boon for those in pokey urban flats.

Panasonic also launched its first fridge-freezers into the European market. The Fridges didn’t feature internet connected touchscreens, which is probably to their credit. What they did feature was significant energy savings due to Inverter technology and their U-Vacua vacuum insulation panels. However what grabbed me were two things. Firstly Hygiene active – a combination lifetime filter, air circulation and LED light system in the refrigerator compartment which combats 99.9% of typical bacteria more effectively than ordinary surface coating treatments according to Panasonic. What I found really cool however, was two flashing LEDs which activate fruit and vegetables’ natural defences and reduce the natural degradation effect of Vitamin C loss, allowing food to remain fresher for longer.

All in all it was clever stuff. Soon I may start demanding the same level of technical sophistication I want from my laptops and smartphones in my microwaves and fridges.