The best of the Gadget Show Live @ Christmas – part 1


Well it’s finally December and the phase “run up to Christmas” (which for us in the media started way back in July), finally feels justified. I’m not a fan of the Yuletide season and wish we could jump over it and straight into January but for a lot of people it’s the season to be merry, spread cheer and invest heavily in gifts for friends and family. The Gadget Show Live is one of the big UK tech events of the year and there’s always lots of fun to be had in the Birmingham NEC. However, this year the organisers felt they wanted to branch out and add an addition Gadget Show Live Christmas event in London. As someone who lives 15 minutes away from the venue and loves gadgets I couldn’t be happier and I popped by to see some of the best in show.

The Gadget Show Live is running all weekend in London’s Excel Centre.


LG 84″ ultra HD TV
Massive TVs are in many ways the quintessential gadget and LG’s 84″, 3840×2160 Ultra HD leviathan is a TV to humble all TVs. Obviously it has extra features such as built-in Wifi and amazing 3D but at £22,500 you have to *really* like Storage Wars before picking up one of these.


Teenage Engineering OP-1
Simply the most exciting synth I’ve seen come out in years this was one of the few gadgets I saw that sent my weary heart racing. It looks like a retro toy but is priced closed to £700 and is almost worth every penny. The pocket-sized synthesiser and 4 track sequencer is highly intuitive thanks to its colour coding and every element of the device has been rethought from the ground up. My new favourite thing.


Orbitsound T9
We’ve seen Orbitsound and their soundbar magic before, but the £200 T9 is perfect blend of form and function. It’s a simply sound set up that cuts down on cable tangle whilst significantly enhancing most TV shows or video. And there’s an old school iPod dock in there as well.


Whilst I’m happy being a fully grown adult, I do rue the fact that we didn’t have remote controlled six-legged robots when I was younger. Attacknids have 360 degree rotating heads and can fire little foam discs as far as 30 feet. Of course being a fully grown adult I can just go out and buy one – especially as they’re only £70.


Damson Twist
At certain points in my week is seems like all anyone every manufactures is bluetooth speakers. I seem to see at least two a week. Damson bring a little something new to the table with a compact vibrating speaker system that managed to rise above the general din of the Excel Centre. Truly excellent sound for something so small and at £80 significantly cheaper than rivals Jambox.

More to come tomorrow!