Grand Designs Live: Garden Gadgets

Gardening may be about getting back to basics, back to nature and being at one with the earth – but the good news for all you gadget lovers is that you can still enjoy a technological treat even if you’re out in the great outdoors. This week’s Grand Designs Live show features a number of products designed to make gardening easier.


For anyone who enjoys plants, but can’t cope with the whole business of looking after them, the answer comes in the shape of the Click & Grow. This flowerpot takes care of the whole plant growing process – if a plant is growing in the Click & Grow, it won’t need watering or fertilising (great if you go away a lot). The flowerpot features sensors, a microprocessor and special software, which take care of all the plant’s needs.

Inside each Click 7 Grow flowerpot sits a plant cartridge, which has everything you need – including seeds, nutrients and software. Rather like a printer cartridge, you slot it into the flowerpot and it takes care of everything you need to grow a plant.

If you want to be a bit more involved, but don’t know whether you’re over- or under-watering or have put your plants in the right place, you need the EasyBloom Plant Sensor. The sensor can tell you if the plant needs more or less water, or whether it needs to be moved to a different area with alternative light conditions, or different soil conditions.


If mowing the lawn is one job you hate, you can get an automated mower to do it for you. The Solar Hybrid Automower from Husqvarna uses both solar and battery power. This robotic mower does the job for you – once you have set up the guide wires – so you can get on with something more enjoyable, like sitting on the patio with a long cool drink. It can even send you a text message if its operation gets interrupted for some reason. And it’s so clever that it will even find its own way back to a charging station when it gets low on juice. It’s also a greener option than a petrol mower as it is emission-free. Mind you, you’ll really have to hate mowing lawns to splash out more than two grand on this gadget.

And to keep your drinks cool so that you can enjoy them al fresco, how about the External Refrigerator, which fits to an outside wall? During the night, or in cold weather, the external temperatures are used to keep the contents cool, while in the daytime and warmer weather, energy is provided through its solar panels.

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