CES 2011: Panasonic Tablet, Crayola for iPad & Breffo’s tablet Spiderpodium

Continuing our series of round-up stories from this year’s CES in Las Vegas, we’re focusing on a new tablet, a way for kids to safely ‘crayon in’ your iPad and a funky spider that will help you position your tablet in all sorts of ways.

So, lets get started with three tablet-related products that caught our eye…

Panasonic Viera Tablet

First up is the Panasonic Viera Tablet – which we mentioned briefly back in our press round-up story. The tablet will come with all the basic features of a tablet (web browsing, e-mail, e-book viewer, etc.), as well as access to the Viera Connect app market place. Obviously the main selling point of this tablet is it’s connectivity with Viera TVs to allow you to watch TV ‘anywhere you want’. The tablet will link with the TV to enable you to use it as a visual remote control, get multi-angle viewing, chat with others while watching content and order downloadable content.

As seen in the pictures above (click to enlarge), the tablet currently comes in three sizes. The largest one, in layman’s terms, is slightly smaller than an iPad (or A4 pad of paper) and the smallest is smart phone sized. It was so similar in design to a smart phone (see photo comparing it to the iPhone 4) that we asked whether this was their intention. According to the rep we spoke to, the official answer is ‘no’ – although it should be noted that Panasonic already make and sell phones in other countries (mainly Japan) and therefore we wouldn’t be surprised if this size ended up as a phone-cum-tablet.

Griffin/Crayola ColorStudio HD

The guys at Griffin and Crayola have come together to make an animated colouring in book for the iPad. We had a demo of this and it looked like great fun for kids. In addition to downloading the app, you use a stylus called ‘iMarker’ which can work as a crayon, pen, paintbrush, etc. However, the app will also detect and allow a child to interact with their fingers without the need to disable any kind of ‘stylus mode’ – which makes it particularly user friendly.

The ColorStudio HD app will come with over 50 game and activity pages with the promise of free content updates at regular intervals. Kids can also design their own pages as well as print out their designs to colour in with the more traditional Crayola crayons. Check out the images above for an example of an activity page – and no, it’s not our colouring in, so don’t blame us for going over the lines!

Breffo Spiderpodium for tablets

London based Breffo, already responsible for the creepy crawly inspired Spiderpodium grip/stand for phones, sat navs, etc., were at CES to showcase their forthcoming Spiderpodium for tablets, which is expected to go on sale from the end of January for around £25. We had a play (see photos above) with the stand and were blown away with the number of different ways you could manipulate it’s ‘legs’ to accommodate pretty much any angle. The company walked away with a CES Design and Engineering Innovations award for their work at its easy to see why. We’ve been trying out both products since the show (think planes, trains and automobiles) and haven’t found anything it can’t hold on to or rest comfortably on.

A quick word of thanks…

Enjoyed some of our photos above? Well. we’d like to give a quick ‘hat tip’ to the guys at Lenmar who really helped us out and ensured that we could continue to take pictures and video of the show when we encountered a “did anyone remember to pack the charger” moment!

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