Go ‘Big Brother’ on Your Pets: MSP 340 pET Tracker Collar


The pet gadget industry is a vastly expanding market. And why not? You love gadgets, so why shouldn’t your furry family member, too?

Admittedly much of the market is novelty and frivolity-based. From DJ-style cat scratching turntables to dog umbrellas via pet painting kits the interactive, fun and fashion potential for pets has never been stronger. But there’s also a much more serious way gadgets and technology can enhance the quality of life for both you and your pet. Like Take2Techology’s snappily-titled MSP 340 pET Tracker Collar.

Perfect for when your dog’s understanding of the term ‘walkies’ stretches further than your own interpretation, the MSP 340 is a collar-fitting tracker device that communicates directly with your smartphone. Available on both Android and Apple platforms, it’s actually a pretty neat bit of kit. And so it should be for its near-£90 price tag.

Here’s how it works: the tracker snaps securely onto your dog’s collar (with the power switch on the inside – so Rover can’t switch it off when he wants to maintain radio silence), download the app, sync the tracker and the hard work is done. Using GPS and GSM mobile network positioning you can track your pet’s every move.

There’s some interesting functionality at play here. You can set Geo-Fence parameters so the app won’t waste your time and will only alert you when your pet has gone further than you’d like it to. The alarm itself will notify you using both SMS and app-based alerts. You can track your pet in real time and there’s also a history recall so you can playback their movements throughout the day… Very interesting if you’ve ever wondered what pooch gets up to when you’re at work.

The tracker device itself is rather smart. It’s lightweight (only 35g to be precise) and available in a range of colours (so your Alsatian won’t look foolish in poodle-ready purple). It’s also housed in a waterproof casing and alerts you when the power supplies are low.

All pets are priceless to their owners but this is especially suitable for those who own valuable breeds. And with Take2Technology’s pedigree (sorry!) for GPS and tracking based kit, its robust build and reliability are difficult to question, too.

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