Top 5 Strange Gadgets


The world of gadgets seems to be growing more bizarre and curious by the day, as manufacturers are sold ideas by the sanguine inventors, who in turn do their best to sell them to us. Do we want to buy them? Of course we do…Well at least some of them… Take a look at some of the craziest gadgets of 2013.

Dhama Climate Controlled Dress Shirt

Dhama Innovations brings us the Climate Controlled Dress Shirt. Yes you did hear right, no more sweaty armpits, and no more frozen nipples. You could step out of your car in freezing conditions with your shirt control set at 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and then as you enter the all too warm office, whip on the in-built air conditioning and be the coolest dude in the building!

The material itself is a wonder to behold, engineered to absorb sweat and always stay tucked in your pants. There is even a discreet control panel, which is detachable and allows the wearer to introduce a 10 minute blast of cool air. The control can be reset and cool air can be blasted around the ingenious ventilation system built into the shirt.

The battery lasts for six hours, so that should take care of a regular batch of office meetings but you could always arrive packing a spare battery. The rechargeable batteries only weigh 2.8 ounces and the shirt itself retails for $134 (approximately £88).

You can buy this super the Dhama Climate Controlled Dress Shirt from Dhama Innovations

The Hapifork – Buzzing aid to proper digestion

Eating your food too fast leads to poor digestion and weight gain, we are regularly told. Health and fitness gadget gurus, Hapilabs have seem to come up with a solution for overzealous eaters and come up with a real gem to help make people eat more slowly.

The Hapifork measures how long you take between mouthfuls or forkfuls. You can then download the information via a USB after a meal and check out on your “slow eating” progress on a dashboard! Eat too fast and the fork buzzes away with a steady annoyance, which can only make you slow right down and chew your food properly. Or, failing that, it will make you throw the fork away so that you can really get stuck into that tasty lamb Rogan josh!

You can pick up a Hapifork at HapiLabs.


Booty Call – The ass-shaped phone case

This gimmicky gadget is the sort of thing that you send a friend as a joke gift. The voluptuous Booty Call iPhone case does however have another use however apart from creating some short-lived amusement – It doubles up as a phone stand!

When someone of authority asks you, “Why you are arsing around on the phone all day,” you needn’t take any offence!

Pick up a Booty Call for a mere $9.95 (approximately £6.50) from Amazon

Swivelling Cats Ears – To show your mood

Well, this gadget is probably best kept in the privacy of your own home. These ‘animatronic’ cat ears wiggle to match your mood. A pulse monitor is fastened to your ear and your brainwaves are picked up via a sensor above your eyebrow. Depending upon how you are feeling the ears wiggle in differing ways. The manufacturer is Necomini, and this mindboggling device costs a hefty £65.Whatever next we exasperatedly cry!

Power Flask Device Charger

As the name hints this charger is disguised as a flask, presumably so that the person doing the device charging ,won’t be seen with a real genuine charger. Why is the question?  Manufacturer’s Digital Treasure insist it is so device chargers won’t look so nerdy. Although isn’t it ‘nerdier’ to go around with a flask than it is to go around with a useful piece of electronic equipment?

Anyway, the specification is good enough, with its 13,000 mAH battery, which can charge up to three devices at once.

Looking less nerdy (apparently) will cost you though, $90 (£59 approx.) to be precise. Powerflask