Sugru: the “Best Invention Since Sellotape”


Few things are built to last. Whether it’s a damaged mobile charger, a broken handle or a hole in your shoe, when something breaks we just fling it on the waste pile. Well, Sugru aims to change all this and get us fixing things again with its space age Play-Dou.

Like something concocted in the Nutty Professor’s lab, Sugru is modelling clay you press into shape before leaving it to dry to form a tough rubbery material. Heat proof, water proof and electrically insulating, the ways you can use Sugru are endless. From fixing a leaking shower to adding bumpers to your iPhone or even to create grips for sports equipment, the inventor’s website is packed with examples of how Sugru has been used to ‘hack things better’. This includes being used by explorers to the North Pole and by the British Olympics fencing team to create custom grips for their cutlasses (if that’s the official term).

The result of 6 years of research and 5000 experiments by its determined young inventor, Sugru has been available to buy online for the last three years. But after shifting nearly a quarter of a million packs and selling out on QVC in four minutes, retailers have finally taken notice. You can now get hold of this space age Plasticine from 300 branches of B&Q stores across the country.


Sugru has plenty of admirers, with TIME magazine naming it one of the top 50 inventions of 2010 (even ahead of the iPad) and the “best invention since sellotape” while Forbes has dubbed it “21st Century Duct Tape”. Check out what The Economist and Wired out to say about this highly versatile silicone rubber.

So if you’ve got things that need fixing around the home, want to “drop proof” your iPhone or need a custom grip for your tennis racket, head down to B&Q to grab your packet of Sugru before the three month trial ends.

You can also buy 8 mini-packs of Sugru online for £11 from Sugru.