Cookoo Smart Watch: Helping Early Adopters Stay Punctual


Smartphones are great but why should intelligence devices stop there? The smaller and more efficient we make technology, the more things we can cram it into. I’m shocked more shoes don’t have embedded sensors. And I’ve been wanting Google Glasses (especially the camera function) since I was about 14. With Apple rumoured to be getting into the wearable tech in a big way and the Pebble smartwatch being a poster child for Kickstarter the smart money (another invention I’m waiting for) is on wearable tech being the next big gold rush. Enter the Cookoo Watch.

Launched via gadget shop, the Cookoo’s analogue clock face belies its complexity and range. It may not quite be a Dick Tracy watch-phone, but it’s definitely more futuristic than the classic Casio calculator combo.

The Cookoo Watch connects to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth smart or Bluetooth 4.0, and like all modern smartwatches alerts you whenever you get an incoming call or message. However there’s a lot more at work here than notification laziness (you could just look at your phone to see if you have a message. After all it’s what I do to tell the time).

The Cookoo Watch and your Android/iOS smartphone have a proximity-related relationship. If either device is too far from the other it can be set to emit a noise so you know if you’ve misplaced your watch – or more importantly if you’ve left your phone behind. There’s also an alert that goes off if your smartphone battery is low (the Cookoo is powered by a CR2032 button cell battery with a life of around a year so the inverse shouldn’t be a problem).

There are reminders, alarms, music controls and the and contains a camera with a one button trigger, so you can capture action on the move – much like Google Glasses without looking quite as dorky.

It’s not quite as stylish as my favourite feature watch at the moment – the Nike TomTom running watch, which tracks your runs, can be slapped to mark laps and has a USB strap hidden in the wrist. But it’s a close second until the iWatch is unveiled.

The Cookoo Watch is available now from, for £109.95.