Five Great Gadgets for Event Planning


Determined to outshine the Beijing Olympics 2008 opening ceremony, with James Bond parachuting the ‘Queen’ into the Olympic Park, the UK certainly excelled itself in producing a jaw-dropping and memorable event.

With the prolific rise in technology in recent years, it goes without saying that events are becoming increasingly more mechanically advanced and these improvements are generating some eye-opening shows.

Okay so whilst the majority of us aren’t involved with organising the Olympic Games opening ceremony, most of us, at some point, are caught up with arranging some sort of an event.

Whether it is a wedding, a hen night, a PTA meeting or a dinner party, if you are planning some kind of a small-scale event, you may find the following gadgets infinitely useful.



Why do the hard work when some software can do it for you? With ArrangeMySeat you simply sign up for an account and then fill out some basic details about your forthcoming event, such as venue, date and number of guests.

You will then be able to arrange the seating plan accordingly to how you want or alternatively you can provide guests with an access code to the software and let them decide amongst themselves where they want to sit!

More info: ArrangeMySeat


No one said arranging an event, no matter what size, was easy. Even if you are just trying to organise a dinner party for friends, trying to coordinate a date and time suitable for everyone can be a difficult task and then there’s the quandary of trying to get everyone to find your house without any problem.

This is when the Hipvite app can step in. Invite friends, colleagues and acquaintances to any events lined up and they will be able to communicate with you directly through the app. For any guests who are hopeless at directions – we all know one – the app uses GPS to load up a map of the venue.

When the event is done and dusted – phew! – Attendees can then post comments about it – all good we hope!

More info: Hipvite


ELMO TT-12 Document Camera

Dubbed as being designed for “teachers looking to incorporate 21st century classroom technology to create dynamic lessons that enhance learning, interaction, creativity and academic performance,” the ELMO TT-12 Document Camera is certainly taking the basic functions of the overhead projector to new heights.

Teachers, or anyone presenting a lesson or presentation for that matter, can comment on live images captured by the device, whilst the image is simultaneously displayed on a large screen – A sure fire way of captivating audiences, or at least, help preventing them from falling asleep!

More info: ELMO TT-12



A mind mapping device that helps you visualise ideas, now that sounds impressive. The MindNode app helps you to collect, classify and structure ideas, tasks which are inevitably at the core of event planning.

This brainstorming tool boasts a clutter-free interface and enables users to map out thoughts and ideas without the need for yards and yards of canvas.

More info: MindNode


PSAV Interactive Video Wall

Of course if your small-scale event management proves to be a roaring success, you may want to think about moving into deeper water and bring in the PSAV Interactive Wall.

If it’s good enough for CNN to use in its election coverage, then it’s good enough for us! Now available for events, the PSAV Interactive Video Wall operates as a huge iPad, with about 24 apps to create presentation, maps, videos and games.

At a trade show this interactive wall can display exhibitor logos and information when attendees click on a particular booth.

More info: PSAV Interactive Video Wall