5 Interesting Energy Saving Gadgets for 2013

As energy costs proceed in one direction only, it is fair to say that any new invention that can serve its purpose and use less power, has to be a darn good idea. Tesco may assure us that ‘every little helps,’ but if everyone in the world relied permanently on the following new gadgets, it wouldn’t be a little help to the environment, it would be a lot.


Water Powered Can Clock

The Can Clock is so simple to use that it is easier to operate than a TV set. Simply fill the clock up with water and watch it tick away for the next six months. What do you do after six months? You fill it up with water again.

Apparently the water releases electrons once inside the body of the can and this creates an electric current that powers the clock.

You can buy the Can Clock for a mere £9.99. Would they replace Big Ben in London with a giant version? – We doubt it.

For more information check out Can Clock


USB Cell Rechargeable Batteries

The USB Cell Rechargeable Battery manufacturer makes some pretty boastful claims regarding the efficiency of its energy saving gadget. The manufacturers, USB Cell, say that you save 7kg of carbon and 3kg of toxic waste if you use them just 50 times!

USB Cell also claims that these batteries can be charged 500 times, which, costing just £10.99 for a two cell pack will save an awful lot of money.

Simply plug the batteries into a USB port and utilise your PC’s power to have fully charged batteries.

For more information check out USB Cell


Computer Eco Button

An office that comprises just 50 PCs will save a whopping £2,500 in electricity a year just by installing the Eco Button – apparently.

All you have to do is press this little button when you get up to make cuppa, go for a meeting, or whatever, and your computer will be left in its least energy consuming state without totally shutting down. On your return, simply press the button and, hey presto, it is restored to its optimum working power.

For more information check out Eco Button


Cold Solar TV Remote

The Cold Solar TV Remote does exactly what you’d expect it to do, with the additional bonus of charging out of direct sunlight.

No more annoying battery failure when you are frantically trying to switch away from the adult channel as you hear your wife or, worse still, you mum coming down the stairs!

For more information check out Cold Solar TV Remote


The Hy-Mini Hand Held Wind Generator

The Hy-Mini Wind Generator is one cute device, which is almost therapeutic to use. This lightweight and compact eco-gadget has a built in battery, which you can charge up in winds of over 9 MPH. Once the battery is charged simply plug in your mobile phone, ipad or whatever, and suck all the power into the chosen device.

Imagine that you are on top of Ben Nevis and you need to make an emergency telephone call but your cell phone’s battery is flat. The Hy-Mini could well bail you out of the pickle, providing of course that you can actually get a signal on top of Ben Nevis!

For more information check out Hy-Mini Hand Held Wind Generator