CES 2013 Video: HAPIfork, the World’s first ‘smart fork’


As a gadget site, we  thought we’d be the only ones interested in something as bonkers sounding as a ‘smart fork’ – but as it turns out, the World’s media descended upon this French company and their unique new fork. Designed by Jacques Lepine, HAPIfork, the world’s first smart connected fork, knows how fast you’re eating and helps you slow down which, in theory at least, will help improve the way you feel after every meal, enhance your digestion and reduce your weight.

When you are eating too fast, HAPIfork sends you gentle vibrations and indicator lights so you are aware of when you’re not eating at a pace that is optimal for your health. The device measures the exact time you start and end time of your meal, the amount of “fork servings” taken per minute and per meal, the specific duration of each “fork serving” interval as well as your overall meal duration. All of this data is transmitted to a personalized online account when you connect your HAPIfork to your computer via USB or your smart phone via WiFi. This flexibility means you can monitor your eating habits and health improvement at home or on the road from a mobile device.

We had a quick chat with the HAPILABS team at the CES Unveiled, you can see the product being described in the following video: