Keypad Watch: The Perfect Solution for Twitchy Fingers

Forget what you think you know about watches, the Keypad Watch by RED5 is a time piece with a difference. If the buzz surrounding iPhones, smart watches and the latest all-singing all-dancing tablet leaves you yearning for something a little more retro, the Keypad Watch adds a unique aura of geek chic to your wrist.


The watch consists of a funky retro keypad, available in either Amiga 500 white (i.e. keyboard white) or ZX Spectrum, a slick, black matte colour. To tell the time, simply hit any number of keys and the time will flash up in sequence. So if it was 8.30, the 0,8,3 and 0 keys would flash in sequence.

This handy little gadget can also remind you of the date in a pinch. Simply press the # key and you can find out today’s date using the same method of blinking keys. You can customize the watch to display the time according to the 12 or 24-hour clock.

With this device, makers RED5 have gone for quirk appeal over ease of use. If you know someone who can’t stand to be away from a keyboard for longer than it takes to say, look at the time, then this is the perfect solution. The watches come in one size, but you can easily adjust the strap length by cutting off links.

Gadget geniuses RED5 launched in 2005 and have grown into15 physical shops, concessions at Hamleys and Selfridges and a thriving online store. Created by the team behind The Gadget Shop (remember those?), RED5 search far and wide to bring the most original and eye-catching gadgets into your life.

An excellent gift for those for whom timing is the key, the Keypad Watch is available now for £59.95 from