mophie duo and mini: Power for the 1%

I love shiny electronic devices, which is handy for a job reviewing shiny electronic devices. But they can be so demanding ,both on my attention span and on power levels. I’m often in rooms with people fretting over battery levels and oft-times constrained by their devices. I’ve heard “I’d love to … but I’ve only got 6% on my battery so I should probably head home.”


However mophie have come to rescue my social life. Firstly they told me to stop wearing denim shirts. It hasn’t been the 80s for a very very long time. And it looked bad then. And secondly they’ve brought out two new powerstations, a duo and a mini; universal battery backup devices for your smartphone or in the case of the duo, your tablet too.

The mini is a compact little power house with enough juice to charge an iPhone one and a half times. And if you want to be the life and soul of the recharging party, you can rock the duo, which has two USB ports so you could charge two phones, or a tablet and phone together. Imagine the love you’d get in social settings as you boost your friend’s device. It could be the new “Hey need a light” method of meeting amazing new people.

“Our original powerstation has been incredibly successful due to its ability to charge virtually any portable device with a USB output, and we’ve been working aggressively to offer a wider range of solutions for those carrying USB-enabled devices,” said “The duo and mini deliver a huge amount of power and round out our juice pack universal line of external portable power solutions to keep consumers charged up when they need it most.”

Ross Howe, vice president of marketing at mophie.

The duo packs 6,000 mAh, just short of a full charge for the iPad one or two (6,600 mAh), or half charge an iPad 3 (11,560 mAh). They were both released yesterday and prices are £49.95 for the Mini and £89.95 for the Duo.