Post Olympic 2012 Blues? Recommended Antidotes

With London 2012 in full swing and even the most stalwart couch potatoes managing to raise a cursory eyebrow at global citizens showcasing their triumphs of physical fitness, it’s all too easy to get immersed in the tidal wave of national spirit, personal endeavour and team success flooding our shores. Our feature earlier this month demonstrated the types of apps and kit building up the hype and cashing in on Olympic fever. But what if you’ve had enough?


You may have seen the torch relay, switched on the opening ceremony, marvelled at Wiggins’ sideburns and pondered the engineering feat that is those tiny pants sported by Tom Daley and his plunge-pool pals. But total immersion isn’t good for anybody, so let’s make a stand to remedy at least the worst symptoms of Olympic fever.

1 Take flight

The European Commission, British Airways and Easyjet have all released new apps perhaps in a bid to redress the one-way traffic into the country!  EasyJet’s optimises the site for the mobile platform, the European Commission provides mobile access to cancellation and lost luggage systems and BA‘s Perfect Day travel app lets you create and share personalised travel guides.

2 The Sky’s the limit

If you live with a newly-converted sports fanatic who’s hogging the telly, make sure they don’t monopolise your digital recorder too! This app turns your iPad into a remote control so you can set all the programmes you’re missing to record, sneakily browse the electronic programme guide or even do a covert “audit” of everything the machine has been programmed to save

3 Wackier races

While your mates may be going on about the boxing and taekwando, here’s a new battle gadget that will keep you occupied long after summer’s gone. And give you something more original to distract you at your office desk. Carbot is a dinky remote-controlled motor you drive via the screen of your smartphone


4 iPhone holiday

Give your iPhone a shock and take it to the beach rather than the city one weekend. This smart “lifeproof” case means you can protect your precious smartphone while you rediscover your sea-legs after weeks sat down watching the sport


5. Brighter prospects

Used up all your holiday leave following the action? Well at least you can brighten up your return to work and raise office activity levels with the Behance motion lamp. This flexible light source will perform enough gymnastics to ease any withdrawal symptoms you may be suffering.

Motion Lamp

6. If you can’t beat them, join them!

If you insist on joining the masses in a global fitness regime, you might as well save the planet at the same time! It may not be packed with the latest in cycle engineering, but this unique cardboard bike does the business while reminding you that you don’t need to secure a glossy sponsorship before you start exercising.

The Red Ferret Journal

So there you have it. A simple recipe to redress the balance and take your sports obsession down to at least a manageable level. London 2012 is proving to be a world-class event. But let’s future-proof the rest of our summer before the Games really take over our lives!