RadAngel portable radiation detector: A prudent gadget in a world of environmental instability

RadAngel, a personal portable radiation detector…. Hmm I can’t really see this new gadget reaching widespread appeal, although with the Fukushima operator admitting earlier this year that radiation levels from nuclear power plant have been continuing to rise since the disaster of 2011 and the International Atomic Agency (IAEA) reporting that radioactive iodine has been detected across Europe, I suppose there is most definitely a niche for personal portable radiation detectors.


Created by Kromek, a UK-based platform technology company, the RadAngel device is being marketed as being the “most advanced semiconductor detector technology”. What was apparently previously only available to governments, has now, thanks to RadAngel, become available to the consumer market and could prove imperative.

Not only can RadAngel provide accurate radiation readings, but the most ground-breaking feat of this novel device is that is capable of distinguishing man-made hazardous sources of radiation in the atmosphere, such as the radiation created by the Fukushima disaster, and normal background radiation that is constantly present in the natural environment of the Earth.

Whilst being interested in highly complex scientific concepts such as how much Cesium is present in the atmosphere may be synonymous with nerdy looking geeks with nothing better to do than go around with a radiation detector urgently trying to distinguish between ‘man-made radiation’ and ‘natural radiation’, may invoke humorous and “I’m glad I’ve got better things to do with my time’ connotations, it is a sad but true fact that the Fukushima disaster of March 2011 as the worse nuclear disaster in history. In taking thousands of lives and crippling a nation, last year’s nuclear disaster in Japan was a cruel reminder of the potentially devastating consequences of radiation.

When put into this context, the RadAngel with its advanced and unique SDR technology-enabled dose rate indicator, which distinguishes between man-made radiation and typical background radiation and enables users see both the does and source of radiation simultaneously, in a world of such environmentally instability, this innovative device may be one of the more prudent and  sagacious gadgets to have been created in 2012 – providing a refreshing change to the many superfluous gadgets currently cluttering our lives.