PlanOn SlimScan: Never lose a receipt again

We allo know what a nightmare it can be trying to collect all of our receipts together when it comes to claiming our expenses back. Usually your entire desk becomes excavated, your ill-fitting suit turned inside out and you end up with your arms shoved behind the sofa desperately trying to locate that elusive cab fare ticket. If this sounds like a familiar story, then PlanOn’s new SlimScan pocket scanner might just be what you need to save the hairs on your head and calm your blood pressure down to somewhat less stressful levels.


Roughly the same size as a credit card, this micro scanner can be used on a wide variety of items to scan and save for when you need them. Anything from business cards, tickets, notes, and yes, even receipts. They can all be scanned and stored in your pocket, saving the need to carry around items of paper that can easily be screwed up or misplaced.

The 300 bit dpi 24-colour scanner is small enough (2” x 3.1” x .12”) to fit into your wallet, meaning it is always to hand whenever needed. You can print your scans when you like, and organise them into folders for easy access – up to 600 images can be stored, meaning you can keep your receipts all year long. You can even create Excel reports containing all your stored information. How handy is that?

Available now directly from PlanOn themselves priced at $139.99 (or around £90), or from ‘leading retailers’. Keep any eye out for this one – if you are as unorganised as I am, it may just save your blushes when it comes to paying your expenses.

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