Best Fun & Unusual USB Powered Gadgets

If you’re looking to fill-out Christmas stockings with some inexpensive, highly useful and fun presents, then look no further than the following few USB gadgets, which will guarantee to put a smile on the face of the receiver on Christmas Day and possibly help keep them smiling all through the year.


USB Foot Warmer

Cold feet, like an annoying colleague persistently humming throughout the day, or a mouse that seems to make an extra-loud ‘click’, can seriously distract us from working. In fact, as I am writing this, I am now conscious of a draft underneath my desk and my feet becoming progressively colder. Eliminate cold feet syndrome immediately the USB foot warmer. One size fits all with these safe, cosy and slip-free foot warmers.

The slippers come equipped with a 1.25m USB cable, giving you ample room to stretch those cosy feet!

For £14.95 the USB Foot Warmer has to make a great stocking filler.

USB Negatives Photo Film Scanner

My parents have a fantastic collection of slides from the 80s, 70s and even 60s, and many a Christmas they come out and the whole family huddles around them, squinting to make the images. Well squint no more I tell myself as this handy USB-operated device enables you to share antiquated images the modern way.

For £59.95 you can simply scan those classic images at high resolutions and then convert them into jpegs, or a range of other useful digital formats. Compatible with Windows and Mac, the USB Negatives Photo Film Scanner could be the perfect activity to fill an empty moment in between the turkey and the Queen’s speech.

USB Voice Recorder

Looking uncannily like your average USB memory stick, this clever little device enables aspiring James Bonds to discreetly record conversations and sound. Hmm, why would we want to do that you may ask? Well we’re not sure really, perhaps if you’re a tabloid journalist looking for an alternative way to record conversations other than phone hacking. Or maybe to take down notes in lectures without having to scribble away?

Either way, for £29.95 this “great covert voice recorder”, which has 4GB of flash memory that equates to 80 hours of total recording, would make a great stocking filler.

Lamborghini Memory Stick

For any sports cars enthusiasts in the family the Lamborghini Memory Stick would make a fantastically fun stocking filler. Officially licensed by Lamborghini, this 1GB memory stick certainly stands out from the crowd and, being fun, novel and sleekly designed, may, just may, help ease the transition from the festive season back to work.

And for £19.95 the Lamborghini Memory Stick, unlike the real thing, will hardly break the bank.