Wakey Wakey Shine and Rise: The Philips Light Alarm clock

As someone who gets up at 5 am pretty much every morning, I appreciate a good alarm clock. Being rudely jolted out of bed every morning by the “Time’s Up” siren from GoldenEye is pretty effective but it also puts me in a foul mood for at least a couple of house so there has to be a better way.


I’ve looked at (and loved) light-based alarm clocks before so I was curious to see what expert light-maker Philips would bring to the party with the Philips Wake Up Light.

As you’d expect from Philips, the’ve brought their A-game in terms of build quality and the Wake Up Light feels robust and as a mid-range device should. I’ve tried other lights that were just a bulb encased in plastic and a little bit of a bed-side eyesore so it’s good to know that there are good looking options out there.

In terms of features the Wake Up Light is no slouch and Philips have packed a lot in. The most important thing obviously, is the 250 lux halogen lamp, which gets incredibly bright when needed, making it pretty impossible to sleep through. Like all light-based alarm clocks, it slowly bathes the room with light – something 80% of surveyed Philips users agree is a more pleasant way to wake up.

However Philips have also added in so ways to personalise your waking experience. If you find the sound of John Humphries lambasting politicians soothing you can use the built in FM radio to wake up to Radio 4’s Today programme. If you think forests sounds or birds tweeting (@Robin88: Got up late again – No worms for me!) is more soothing then you can wake either of these. “No, that’s still not good enough. Neither babbling brooks nor babbling TV presenters can rouse me.” Well curiously picky person, Philips have you covered with a USB port that means you can wake up to any sound you choose.

There’s a smart-snooze tap anywhere function and you can also programme two alarms and flick between them (and off) via a little metal toggle at the back. You can also take charge of the way you fall asleep via a Dusk simulator, which is basically a naturally dimming light.

The Philips Wake Up Light is available from Argos and Boots for £130

Philips are recruiting people to take part in their ‘Make me a morning person challenge’ on Facebook which you should check out if you decide to get one.