Electronic Dictionary Bookmark : e-reading functionality in an analogue world

I’m a sesquipedalian. If you need to look that up don’t worry – it means I’m a prentious fool (more technically it means I’m given to using long words but they are pretty much one and the same). Whilst other kids had friends and sporting activities to busy themselves with, I spent countless hours nose deep in books and a good deal of that time was spent deciphering phrases my inchoate vocabulary had yet to acquire in large, unweildy dictionaries (this was in the old days when all the words in the world didn’t reside on a internet connected phone in my pocket). One of the best things about e-readers is the ability to quickly look up words without really leaving the text – really handy for complex academic works, but also useful when the occassional bon mots throws you in a novel.


Bringing some of the joy of the e-reading experience to the paper novel, the new Electronic Dictionary Bookmark is a much easier way to help you out if you are suddenly stumped by the meaning of etiology, bromide or abjure in a story without loosing track of where you are or detracting too much focus from the book in hand.

The tiny bookmark has been crammed full of 38,000 definitions from the Collins Gem English Dictionary 15th edition so you will never be lost for words again. As you’d hope, it’s really easy to use. When you come across a word you don’t know, simply press the power button to begin, type in your word on the keypad and press OK to find out what it means.

The Electronic Dictionary Bookmark comes in a choice of three colours (pink, white, and grey) and is thin enough to slip unobtrusively between most books.

The Electronic Dictionary Bookmark is available to buy for £19.95 at www.gizoo.co.uk or by calling 0800 376 4818.