VO5 Extreme Style Perfect Cut Hair Clippers review

Perhaps we’re vain (or not bald), but at LatestGadgets, we’re unlike the 50%+ of men who cut their hair at home. Realistically, it’s probably because we don’t trust ourselves with clippers – it’s particularly difficult to do the bit behind your hair when you 1.) Can’t see it, 2.) Have to use an annoying grip. Luckily, the VO5 Extreme Style Perfect Cut Hair Clippers arrived through our letterbox last week, which alleviates the grip issue.


VO5’s Perfect Cut hair clipper has been ergonomically designed for comfortable and easy self-cutting, with a design that can be rotated in your hand to give you better access to those hard-to-reach areas. It’s basically a big circle, but it feels cool and it really does make clipping a whole lot easier.

Our initial impression was that the clippers were a bit bigger than expected – but having never used a self-clipper before, that’s neither here nor there. It was definitely light enough to use in comfort, and the grip meant that there was no trouble reaching even the most confusing cutting angles.

The cutting performance also impressed – there was no need to re-do previously shaved areas, and the hair cut straight away, without any “hair-pulling” that you find on blunter razors or scissors.

The device comes with seven attachments, including a 0mm “Balding comb”. The other lengths are 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15mm, giving enough of a range for all kinds of shaving needs. There’s also a left and right taper comb, to cut around the areas with a gentle slant.

You can change clips easily by squeezing the sides, although it’s important to remember that it comes with the balding comb already attached. We spent an embarrassing two minutes trying to attach a comb over the top of it. Otherwise, it’s so simple to use, hold and cut that we’re suitably impressive.

Tech-wise, it’s powered on the mains and has a built-in re-chargeable battery, with a blue LED charging indicator. You’ll get 40 minutes of clipping action out of a 12 hour charge (ouch, no fast-charge here, although really, how often do you need a last-minute haircut?).

All in all, we’re not sure whether it’s an inherent ability to cut hair, or the VO5 Perfect Cut clippers, but after a three-minute self-cut, we’re looking as sharp as clippers’ blades. If anything, the Perfect Cut has made us feel more comfortable cutting our own hair – and we’ll do it again.

Get the VO5 Perfect Cut for £39.99 from Tesco, Tesco Direct and other electrical suppliers.