Cablox: Danish design and the art of cable management

I have a lot of things scattered on my desk, most of which want to be plugged into to a USB hub at some point, one of which wants to go into a FireWire 800 port and none of which wants to connect to my Thunderbolt hub … Yet. Despite my best efforts to keep my workspace clean and tidy – I have a zero tolerance policy on scraps of paper, USB keys or pens left lying on my desk – it still manages to be a frustrating mess due to the array of cables. The back of my home theatre set up looks even worse – affectionately known as “spaghetti junction” to some and “clear fire hazard” to others.


Until the wireless future of my dreams comes to fruition, I clearly need to get to grips with cable management. And like most things, there’s an elegant Danish design solution on hand to help.

Cablox is a deceptively simple solution to preventing a vicious mess of cables from cluttering your work space. A simple grid of … well to me they look like little white plastic mushrooms, Cablox has an adhesive backing and can affix itself to the bottom, side or top of your desk and have USB or power cables simply snake through. The little square cable holders are 10 x 10 cm and use an 8 x 8 grid to de-clutter your workspace. Overly long cables can be looped around and the grid layout gives you horizontal, vertical and diagonal flexibility when planning the optimal configuration for all your devices.

An additional benefit, the Cablox system should lift the cables from the floor, avoiding any problematic snags with your feet and simplifying cleaning.

Cablox comes in a pack of two with simple instructions printed on the front in picture form. Apparently they come in different colours.

For less information head to (there’s very little on their website and has taken minimalism a tad too far, omitting simple things such as pricing).