Red5 launch four ‘essential’ holiday gadgets for serious timewasters

When you are off on your travels, with so many things to see, places to discover and sites to explore, why would you need to be ‘entertained’ by gadgetry? Well perhaps on the plane, train, car or bus we could do with something to play with in order to kill some time, especially if we’re delayed. Being firmly engrossed in the holiday season, people are likely to be on the lookout for such ‘time-killing’ products at present and Latest Gadgets thought a feature about four new ‘summer travelling entertainment’ gadgets, launched by, the ‘ultimate gadget shop’, would therefore be appropriate.


Go Pad

Remember good old Gameboys that caused a storm in the early 1990s? Well the Go Pad, being reminiscent of a Gameboy, will bring all those memories of early gaming flooding back. This small and portable gaming device is likely to keep you entertained on a plane, train, bus or car, if you’re a gaming enthusiast that is and providing you’re not the one driving!

The Go Pad can also be connected to your laptop or notebook so that you have even more control of your gaming experience.

For just £17.95, the Go Pad could be worth a go, at least if not just to keep the kids entertained.

Darth Vader LEGO LED Keychain

You never know when you may have a power cut in countries like Spain and Greece, and if there is no generator backup system, you can be sitting around twiddling your thumbs without electricity for hours. Don’t let a lack of light be a problem if this situation arises on your holiday and take a Darth Vader LEGO LED Keychain with you. Press Darth Vader’s tummy and he will light the way, great if you do happen to have a power cut or are camping, but an unnecessary item if you are not camping or are not involuntarily plunged into darkness.


I don’t know about you but I would rather encourage my kids to be out in the open air on holiday, discovering new places and experiences on holiday, rather than cooped up playing video games. don’t seem to share my sentiments of holidays being an educational and cultural experience, as they have labelled yet another gaming accessory as being an essential holiday gadget. Add the Joytick IT to your touchscreen and bring your tablet-based gaming to the next level – Ditch the joystick, get outside and have some fun, don’t you mean?

Bear Grylls Survival Kits

Now this one’s more like it! Adventurer Bear Grylls has worked alongside Gerber and created an extensive outdoor survival kit. The kit includes ‘essential’ knives, tools and gears, to help you survive any potential disaster your camping holiday may entail.

For more information head to Red5.