ID Cook: Solar powered cooking is hot stuff

For those of you who feel strongly about spreading the eco friendly word, you can now publicly demonstrate that you wholeheartedly practice what you preach with a new range of solar powered cooking appliances.


French solar energy experts ID Cook have developed an intriguing array of portable ovens and barbecues that are powered entirely from the sun’s rays. The Cookup 200 and Cookup Inox are solar powered barbecues that can be taken anywhere from the beach to a picnic outing and be set up and ready to go in minutes. The griddle sits snugly inside a reflector dish which is simply pointed towards that yellow dot in the sky. You can cook directly on the griddle or place pots and pans on it.

Alternatively, Suncook + is like a conventional oven, but uses the sunlight as its only source of energy. Perhaps gentle cooking under the sun’s rays might enhance the natural flavours of freshly prepared food, and make you feel you’re doing something positive for the environment at the same time. Now there’s a thought.

An even more practical device is their Solar Lighter, possibly one of the most talked about birthday gifts you would ever receive. This nifty little gadget will set light to anything that need to burn in seconds, again purely from harnessing solar energy.

The appliances are only currently available online or in DIY stores and garden centres throughout France but ID Cook is on the lookout for a UK distributor.